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Howdy Apple Eaters!

Don’t miss our 3rd Maybe Probably Annual Halloween Egg Hunt in the Dead Pumpkin Cemetery, and Creepy Cooky Decorating Egg-stravaganza!
Saturday, October 25th at 11:00 am for kids ages 3-11 (minimum donation *-$1.00 per kid)

Cooky Decorating in the Big Barn immediately follows until 3:00 pm for the Little Kids to Grammies and Grampies! And Kristen Glentz and”Sheema” will be there to paint your faces!
(Cooky decorating costs $1.00-2.00 per cooky)

Rain (snow? yikes, that would not be a treat!) Date: Sunday, October 26th at noon o clock!
* why did we say donation? Because proceeds will benefit the Huron Humane Society (a no kill shelter) because black cats won’t be scary cats if they all get nice warm cozy homes! Meow!!!

If you’ve been out to The Farm already since we opened for the 2014 season, you may have seen some smiling new faces! Welcome our "kids" Andy and Dana, who have decided to take a chance at finding out if running an apple farm is something they might like to do. They are full of enthusiasm and fun and, if they decide to take over the reins next year, have new ideas for the farm. NO! We WILL still have the donuts!!!

Ma was officially retired as of the end of apple season last year. It was a fun short retirement! We were not planning to re-open this season. Suddenly at the end of July(!) Andy said "you know, if I don't try this, I"ll never have another chance to know If I'd like to do this, could we still open?" Soooo.... we opened the farm a little later, and we did everything we would have done in four or so months- in 6 weeks! Yowza!

You will notice a difference right away, since one thing the Kids don’t want to do- is a gift shop. (They are not into "shelf sitters"-you could do surgery on their countertops at home!) We continued the "fancy food" though, and some kitchenware, and of course, little toys for kids... and candles, but Ma didn't get to go shopping this year!

gift shopEverything in Appleseed's Mercantile (the gift shop) is on sale! Starting at 20% off, or more, for the first couple of weeks-we'll have larger discounts as the season progresses. We add stuff too, so check back often. (Shop early for the best selection!) You may not see Ma much at the cash register, because The Mercantile is her "baby" and it's pretty hard to give up. So as to not cry on your receipt, Ma's been working in the kitchen a lot!

Dale and Gordie and the Crew from Maple Valley are back as usual with the Kritters and the Wagon Rides on weekends, and Chef Butch is back to slingin' Plath's giant dogs and Rygwelski's Polish sausages. We are still planning our 3rd Probably Annual Halloween Egg Hunt in the Dead Pumpkin Patch October 25th. (rain date Oct. 26)! Check out some of our pictures on the website of last year's "hunt" and some of Pete the Cat's visit, and The Grinch on the last weekend in 2013-in a snowstorm!

halloween pumpkin patch egg hunt pete the cat pete the cat pete the cat grinch snow grinch

Apples seem to be ripening about a week late this season. It was a chilly summer for the most part. Our season will end on Sunday, Nov. 9th this year! Keep that in mind if you are wanting to stock up on deer apples in November!

Angie and Carol are keeping the freezer loaded with our homemade pies that you can take home, put in your freezer, and bake up anytime you feel like a fresh, warm delicious apple pie with ice cream melting over the top of it.

We will miss our veteran Cookie Queen, Kathy Hogrefe this year (she’s officially retired) but Lucy DeDecker, Deb Payne and Shari Pommranke (The Donut Nazi) have stepped up to the, uh..cookie sheet!
We have an awesome veteran staff who can make all the magic happen and make it LOOK easy!

See you at the Farm!

Ma and Pa Knaebe
and the Fabulous Knaebe Apple Corp

Knaebe Apple Corp

knaebe apple corp

Fall Drive to Knaebe's Mmmunchy Krunchy Apple Farm!


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