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General Apple Information

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  • If you are using the apples for cooking, don't forget to mix varieties to add an interesting flavor to pies, sauces and crisps.  Visit our Ripening Schedule for some great suggestions!

  • All apples like to be refrigerated, especially the early season apples (they are more tender and less hardy than the later season apples). 

  • Apples need to breathe - store them in containers that allow the passage of air. Keep them cool, but do not allow them to freeze. (36° is optimal) The hydrator, or a plastic bag with holes punched in it in your fridge is good. Some apples, like Golden Delicious and Gala require moisture (wet paper towels or sprinkling) to keep from shriveling.

  • Apples naturally give off an ethylene gas, which stimulates the ripening process.  To keep your apples firm and fresh, we don't recommend storing them with other fruits or veggies.

  • From year to year, we have more or less apples depending on the weather.  Some years your favorites may be prettier, larger, smaller or in different quantities than other years.

  • The picking times are approximate and very dependent on the weather.  Feel free to call anytime or check the website to find out exactly what apples are available.

Knaebe's Mmmunchy Krunchy Apple Farm

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